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What We Do

Family Promise of Midland helps the community coordinate their compassion to address the root causes of family homelessness. We address the issue holistically, providing shelter paired with extensive case management. We tap existing local resources to empower families towards economic stability. Families come to us in crisis; we help them rebuild their lives with new skills and ongoing support.

Midland Interfaith Hospitality Network

Our rotational shelter program and warm hospitality is the foundation of the Family Promise model.

Transitional Housing

Providing transitional housing, for up to 2 years, to families who have graduated our Midland Interfaith Hospitality Network.

Families Onward Auto Loans

 Families Onward Auto Loans offers low-interest auto loans, financial education and support to qualified Family Promise of Midland guest families in the low or extremely low income range (as to the Midland, Texas HUD Income Guidelines) for the purpose of buying, refinancing or repairing an automobile.

Want to support Family Promise?

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