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Who We Are

Our mission is to end homelessness- one family at a time. 

Maybe you haven’t heard, but there are families in Midland, Texas who are homeless. Yes, it’s true—in Midland, Texas! These families are living out of their cars or in parks or in crowded apartments with friends or relatives. Family homelessness is a reality in Midland, Texas.  Help, is AVAILABLE!

At Family Promise of Midland we serve families who are homeless. In order to be eligible for our programs, you MUST have at least on child under the age of 18 in your care. We do accept single females who are pregnant, regardless if they have other children. We accept single moms, single dads, and two-parent families. 

Families in our program MUST be committed to becoming self-sufficient! Family Promise of Midland provides the tools and guidance to the families we serve, yet it is up to the families to put the tools and guidance to action. 

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