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We believe that family homelessness needs a community response. Other nonprofits are a part of that solution. Find out how other organizations are making a difference for families in Midland.


Business Economic Development Center

The BEDC provides credit reports and credit counseling to the adults in our programs every 6 months.

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West Texas Food Bank

The West Texas Food Bank provides food to families in the Permian Basin. We often refer families on our wait list to visit the food bank for meals. 


Thriving United

Our Mission is to meet people where they are, to connect them to recovery, and to join them on their journey.

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Casa de Amigos

Casa de Amigos, among many things, offers GED classes and on-the-job training. We refer many of our guests to use these services.  


Students in Philanthropy

Students in Philanthropy consist of high school students in Midland who are dedicated to volunteerism. 

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United Way of Midland

The United Way of Midland was instrumental in collaborating with Family Promise of Midland to bring family transitional housing to Midland, TX!

Grow Your Vision

Helping Hands of Midland serves the poor and underprivileged of Midland County through financial, spiritual, and emotional support. We serve the poor with humility and respect, preserving the dignity of each person who comes to us for help.

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